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Every three dimensional shape holds the unique meanings on a many varied levels. The form owns the concrete set of geometrical patterns, the form dialogues with the surrounding, because they share together the spacial dependencies – the form is the consequence of the surrounding space, and the shape and meaning of the space depend on the existence of the forms. If we want to put a bed into a room, we need to consider the parameters of the room, its location and geometry, which in the end defines our choice. And the other way round – if we put a bed into a room, the room becomes the bedroom, and it would be awkward to try to make there also for instance a kitchen.

The Form is also an aesthetic – it holds the never-ending beauty, which comes from the geometrical harmony. This harmony discovers for us the ways in which our Universe works, it shows us the cosmic rules and explains us the laws of physics. Both organic and inorganic worlds are build geometrically, every form and organism have three-dimensional structure, which we are able to recognize and explore. With this exploration come wisdom and understanding – the aim of every aware being, the aim of every artist.

The form is also a Sign. For instance: the shape of leafs is the sign of the plant, it tells us the story of the growth and needs of the plant, shapes of rocks are geographical signs – they tell us the story of the place – the geological processes, the natural disasters, the weather conditions, the inhabitants. The form is a set of given information – and we need to read it in order to live with awareness. Every spacial sign hold for us very important message – if we are able to uncover its meaning, we will be also able to use it as a tool for communication.

The duty of the scenographer is to make the viewers understand the symbolic of events on the play through secret meanings of the form, through form to speak, through form to explain symbols, through form to express the aesthetic. The shape and color, the light, the atmosphere – these are the necessary tools. 

Scenography is a complex, artistic and scientific way of discovering the connection between Form and life, and passing it to the viewers through the process of sharing.